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8/17/22, 4:43 PM
sorry, but I did not like this one

8/17/22, 6:05 PM
@darkblade2814 Sorry to hear that. I'm trying out a lot of ideas right now, so I appreciate any feedback I can get.

8/17/22, 6:18 PM
@Blazargus I did not like the betrayal thing and I don't like violence on erotic stories

8/17/22, 8:06 PM
@darkblade2814 I understand. I'm not usually one for violence either, but I felt it necessary in the setting. As for the betrayal, the story turned out quite dark and I can see how that can be very divisive. I'll change the tags around a bit.

8/17/22, 8:09 PM
@Blazargus thank you, as I'm not found of dark stories
8/17/22, 8:08 PM
Really, really enjoying this. šŸ˜›šŸ˜›šŸ˜›
8/17/22, 7:19 PM
Love an "abuse of game mechanics" style magic system like this, very fun and creative!

8/17/22, 8:02 PM
@TurkeyVulture Cheers! I found it fun to explore and hope it came across as believable in world.
8/17/22, 7:12 PM
the changing titles thing is a really fun way to do transformations! I'd definitely love to see more of this fantasy world; maybe some of the Prince's old allies can show up...? The betrayal at the end did leave me very sad though, I'm sad that Aren didn't get to keep having a loving horny slime boyfriend ;_;

8/17/22, 8:00 PM
@gargayle Thanks! As the story developed I had originally planned to drag the Prince's allies in and have him warp them too, but I ended up focusing on the relationship with Hugh. As for that, the more time I spent with the Demon Lord the more I came to accept that the two guys were not going to have a happy ending. Maybe Aren's future holds some better possibilities.
8/17/22, 7:31 PM
Great sequel! It's always hot to see repressed boys cut loose and you've done it wonderfully.
8/17/22, 7:23 PM
8/17/22, 7:22 PM
I'd love to see how John is converted in a true Moroccan perhaps getting darker, more athletic and trying to convert his friends too...
8/17/22, 7:13 PM
I was loving it. Then you brought out the milking machine, and that sent me right over the edge. Great story. Can't wait to read more. Would love to be in Bulk's shoes.....or paws
8/17/22, 7:12 PM
This is really, really interesting. And hot! šŸ˜ I'm glad I decided to read this, and am looking forward to whatever is next! šŸ˜
8/17/22, 6:56 PM
I would personally love to see more weird fae politics with a sexy twist from you!