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7/19/24, 9:55 PM
Henry just can’t catch a break on the ol mind control. lol.
7/19/24, 9:08 PM
It's def an interesting setup. I liked the rimming. Ryan is an interesting character. As is what he's doing. I mean if he was really smart he would turn them bi, get them to focus on education, in order to get a good job, and then give him money, oh and to answer his calls for a fuck. Lol Anyway, interesting set up. Hot sex!
7/19/24, 8:44 PM
Absolutely loved the first part of the story! Two hot guys being captured--and chloroformed--are both things I love to read about. Can't wait to see what happens to these two best friends in the second part. And what's this mutation that this secret organization is so interested in. Great start! Looking forward to more!!! Thanks for sharing your writing talents with the readers on this site. Much appreciated!!
The Story's Author (hidden)
7/15/24, 1:36 PM
So never have I wanted to leave a tag off of a story so badly, because I felt like putting werewolf and knotting on it would really just spoil the whole thing. But if you didn't notice that, did you figure out Laurant's nature before the story revealed it, or was it a surprise?

7/19/24, 8:09 AM
@The Story's Author (hidden) Well, I’d noticed the tag, but forgotten it promptly when getting engrossed in the story, but it came back suddenly after Laurant’s first orgasm… Then all the little clues made sense!

The Author (name hidden due to challenge)
7/19/24, 8:12 PM
@[Yunnick](/user/show/10001783) Cool cool, that's perfect!
7/19/24, 7:44 PM
This story has been so good! I can’t wait to find out what happens next, and what exactly Vince found that “inoculated” him…
7/19/24, 6:50 PM
Awesome - then you can expect more of all that in the coming stories! Sometimes readers ask for things and I think uh-oh that won't be coming, lol (or I try to be creative and stretch myself in a new direction). And, yeah, fucking as payment is, as they say, the oldest profession, so I found it really hot putting a double twist on it to be a proper payment. Only *acknowledged* fucks as payment - like most of the value of the fuck is the status gained from *everyone else* knowing you had leverage over a peer (or, better yet, a superior). It's almost exhibitionist, ha. And, as you said, the forbearance of the bottom is the second critical ingredient. After all, if the bottom enjoyed the fuck, how would it be worthy of status? You might as well fuck your wife, lol. So, yeah, if the brewer hadn't had the coin (just been some poor sap offering a bend), Michael would've had the fuck of his life and *still* left feeling cheated out of payment! lol - I don't know why I find arbitrary fucked-up societal rules so hot!
7/19/24, 6:14 PM
@Pcm I do agree with you that the psychological aspects of the demons powers are the most terrifying part. They can fundamentally change person into being completely different in some ways. Hence the ship of theseus paradox analogy I mentioned earlier- though also not. I think that Collin will possibly be put to the test if Gregory finds him and tries to seduce him. However, I think he has the strength to resist. He's been taught atthe foot of the grandmaster who is one of the harshest and toughest foes against the transformed. Hes delved into countless transformed lived and seen the craziest things theyve done in lust as he heals them. The man has been on the run from the beasts and fought all sorts of things- so while he may be tempted, I think he'll manage to escape. In that sense should such occur, he's like the man who refused the woman in the story I mentioned earlier. The thing is, unlike william- Collin has no desire to be with Gregory in the state he is now. And since his powers are purification, I think he stands a chance to resist. Leon potentially using water to induce happiness in people sounds...oddly heartwarming. It would be a tad moreso if it wasn't in demonic context though. I'm having a strange image of him in a bathhouse using the water to help his fellow soldiers relax and be at ease- as he knows the struggles, fear and pain they experience due to their duty. I feel if he does get transformed, I think Frederick's being anywhere within ten feet of him would end in him attempting the first inter demon smackdown. Not to the point of civil war but Leon and Frederick's vices do not go together at all. Honestly, I'd argue if Leon does get transformed, he'd probably be able to convert more people as a bathhouse is a clean and generally more accepted place for social tasks- wanting to get clean is something that resonates with many. Heck, he'd probably be concerned over how to transform somebody so they stay clean even as a demon if he somehow winds up turning into one. I hope not, but that would be humorously tragic in a sense. He would not want his bathhouse made dirty or anything of his or near hum. William and Gregory kind of have a habit of drooling so...probably he'd be just exasperated in trying to clean up after them. Hopefully he manages to escape that fate but...something tells me something is going to happen to him. And yes, honestly I feel Collin wishes he could just go back to being a cleric and having his family again. Unfortunately, life has decided to make Collin its whipping boy. I just hope nothing happens to his boyfriend when he goes east...
7/18/24, 5:18 PM
Bought the book. Can’t wait for the sequel!

7/19/24, 5:56 PM
@[rojohber](/user/show/149379) Thanks, bud! Feel free to share what parts/characters you like - helps me with story development. ;)

7/19/24, 6:00 PM
@[Colin DV](/user/show/10038060) Oh fuck yeah. Well, I love the whole concept of “role reversal” and “small Dom big sub” kinda vibes. The idea that fucking is a normal kinda form of payment; that it’s not supposed to be enjoyed; that this big “powerful” man is supposed to hate it, but ends up enjoying it, and actually loves it and deeply wants that and is both kinda confident with it yet still bothered by it. That he still asks for the 2 coin in payment!! Hah! (And later in your book - the idea of “creating” what kinda feels like a thrall or otherwise slave / submissive figure - and it’s this hot jocky dad with a personality that’s way more powerful than you (in some sense)??? Fucking hot. Love it. Cherish it.