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9/22/23, 8:59 PM
Look, honestly, this story is incredible. A wonderfully twisted take on the animated film. I just want to know now what Jafar could do against Alladin now that he has a genie lamp.
Sep 20, 2023
9/22/23, 8:29 PM
A hot opening scene. I enjoy how Matt is embracing his kink, and I look forward to seeing how big those balls get.
9/22/23, 7:48 PM
I live to serve the Virus.
9/22/23, 6:51 PM
Love your stories! Hoping Hatim gets to top some of these contestants--loved your Christmas muzak "toys" chapter. Definitely see the frat bro getting turned into a bottom. Looking forward to next chapters!
9/22/23, 5:26 PM
Interesting. Hope you do more
9/22/23, 1:38 PM
Jesus fucking Christ…this story is HOT as FUCK!!!

9/22/23, 5:12 PM
@[Hypno Milker](/user/show/10027148) Glad you enjoyed 😁
9/22/23, 5:10 PM
I think you accidentally posted chapter 6 twice. Chapter 7 seems to be exactly the same except the description. Loving the story so far tho
9/22/23, 4:55 PM
Very exciting start! Hoping if Charlie loses at some point that the nipples come into play lol
Sep 21, 2023
9/22/23, 4:42 PM
Always a hot story when Cracker is writing it. Love the slight change in genre with this one, topping from the bottom. Also love when the Maga stud ends up shoving his own hat up his ass
9/22/23, 2:46 PM
Very very hot story, a great debut! Looking forward to reading future chapters