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12/3/22, 7:55 PM
This was hot!
12/3/22, 6:19 PM
I haven't even started reading it I just wanted to say thank you lol
12/3/22, 5:55 PM
i live to serve the virus
12/3/22, 5:55 PM
Almost a full year between chapters and it was SO WORTH IT. I am so glad you're still working on this, I love it so much.
Dec 3, 2022
12/3/22, 9:53 AM
I’m a sucker for a good Superman story, so my thanks go out to whichever friend persuaded you to post this. And to you for writing it too, of course! ;) If I might offer an editing suggestion to help elevate the story… (and future stories, I hope!) Most of the story is a single wall of text, which means it all starts to blur together. Throwing in paragraph breaks would make it so much easier to read, and give some of the story beats more time to breathe.

12/3/22, 5:49 PM
@Anonymous Thank you, I will definitely keep that in mind. Formatting has always been one of those weak points for me
12/3/22, 5:45 PM
this was definitely worth the wait!!
12/3/22, 5:30 PM
So much plot I'm actually struggling to keep track of it all, on Pokemon Himbo Sun of all things 😱 😄😅😂
12/3/22, 3:19 PM
Scorchingly hot—the sex scene pulled me along so well, not to mention my investment in Beau’s travails through the club itself! Something I found really fun was the way Beau sort of leaned into Ethan’s suggestion power, using it to make himself more comfortable. Such a useful power to have!

12/3/22, 4:28 PM
@[Soren Fitz](/user/show/10011670) Thank you! Ethan as gay training wheels was fun to write around 😁
12/3/22, 3:49 PM
Can't wait to read more. Such a hot story.