Story Challenges

Halloween 2022
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: **write a smutty story inspired by Halloween!** Sexy werewolf boyfriends, hypnotic vampire overlords, hunky warlocks and seductive ghosts... Demons, pumpkins, slasher films, haunted houses... Costumes that transform the wearer. Trick-of-treat candy with mind-altering properties. Maybe it's the sort of tale worth telling around a Halloween bonfire. Maybe it's a story set on the day of Halloween itself. The possibilities are endless. What's *your* Halloween story? **Please note** that for the Halloween challenges, authors are not anonymous, and authors can also submit multiple chapters and multiple stories. This story challenge crosses all three sites, meaning your Halloween story can feature mind control, BDSM, a romance, or any combination of options. Good luck, and have fun!
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: **write a story themed around the concept of "TOXIC" MASCULINITY!** 

A scientist invents a "toxic" masculinity formula that accidentally infects his test subject, making him irresistibly virile—and worse, it's contagious! A business retreat encourages its stockbrokers to redirect their toxic masculine aggression, and now they'll never get the cum stains out of their Armani suits. An alien lands on Earth and starts draining men of their masculinity, leaving them fawning and desperate for his increasingly buff body. A reality-altering program redefines "masculine" in an attempt to make it less toxic, and now all the dudes on campus are wearing thongs and swapping blowjobs. A gay married couple in therapy finds their old toxic notions of "masculinity" morphing with every session. A Reddit board known for its toxic culture realizes its users are changing perspectives... because they're all morphing into friendly himbos, one by one, and no one knows who's causing it. 

**The possibilities are endless. What's *your* "TOXIC" MASCULINITY story?** 

We'd love to see your own spin on the prompt! You're also very welcome to take inspiration from any of the ideas above, if they appeal to you. 

This story challenge crosses all three sites, meaning your story can be about mind control, BDSM, a romance, or any combination of options. Good luck, and have fun!
***Your world has turned upside down!*** This is the first challenge crossing all three sites, i.e. it can either be about mind control, BDSM, a romance, or any combination of these. The stories should be inspired by some event that turns the life of the protagonist(s) upside down. This change should be really dramatic but it can be very local and personal or affect the whole world. Tell us about the mind-blowing consequences for your character(s) that everything they knew and took for granted is suddenly questioned and invalidated and that they have to see everything from a very different perspective.
New Horizons
Life is unbearably boring? Stuck in a rut and ready for change? Or maybe you’ve just met someone who makes you question everything you think you know about what you want in life.

Heading towards new horizons and tackling all the challenges on your way to find love and happiness is scary as hell - but what could be more rewarding in the long run?

High Stakes
***It's just a game - unless the stakes are higher than you expect*** Stories for this challenge should be centered around some kind of competition, game, initiative or project, etc, which entails some kind of risk. It's your decision whether there's an unexpected turn or the risk is clear from the beginning - just make sure that there is some mind control, alteration, or transformation involved.
Fallen Hero
Even those you've looked up to all your life are not immune to carnal desire! This challenge is meant to cover all kind of heroes, including your personal heroes, heroes of society, imaginary heroes, heroes in your family, and yes, also super-heroes. You can use spandex and all, but please don't limit yourself to the usual super-hero tropes.
Halloween 2020
The first of hopefully many annual story challenges dedicated to Halloween! Let's give us all a look into your naughty fantasies around tricks and treats!
The Pandemic
A global pandemic causing people into quarantine and lockdown is an exceptional situation that can bring people to resort to exceptional measures. It can bring the best and the worst out of humans. This challenge is meant to tell these stories. ***Note:*** This is **not** about Covid-19! You can use any kind of pandemic as a background. The effects and results of the pandemic are absolute free for the author to define! The pandemic itself can but doesn't need to be related to the actual mind-affecting part of the story.
Things going bump in the night? Some unexplained happenings? A ghostly goings on? Or just some far better supernatural plot, which is the theme for this challenge.
The Very First Time
The first time is always special, as there's no way to repeat it ever again! May it be sex, hypnosis, power, submission or even simple love, all of this might be experienced for the first time. Write your story about a first-time experience and share it as part of this story challenge!