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  • Gay Cupid Stories - Steamy stories about gay encounters, from wild and casual to sweet and romantic
  • Gay Spiral Stories - Fictional stories about gay men being mind controlled, hypnotised, transformed, reprogrammed, and more
  • Gay Collar Stories - Stories about bondage, hard sex and the game of power between dominant and submissive gay men
  • Gay Kinky Stories - This site, which lists all stories, including kinks which are not covered by any of the specific sites

Here on Gay Kinky Stories all stories from all of the above sites plus all other conceivable kinks are listed. Filter for specific kinks using the [category] button on the home page.

Interested in submitting a story? You can submit a story here. Once the story's been submitted, it will be approved shortly after, usually within 48 hours (assuming it doesn't violate any of the rules, isn't too short, and features men and some kind of mind control).

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