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Public sex and nudity, exhibitionism, world change… Maybe the change is caused by a pandemic, or an alien race, or an exotic plant, or new technology. But the result is a world full of gay guys whose main concern is to fuck and be fucked.
Collection of stories where masters are turned into slaves
Muscle growth, himbofication, jockification, dumbing down
Great pup play themed stored
A list of stories i've liked before even joining this site!
Just a collection of stories for my liking
Sometimes you get manipulated into becoming a total slut
A list of stories featuring, among other things, foot-to-mouth action.
Stories about a person being degraded
Guys who lose eberything for growth, muscle and fitting in at the gym. Being huge requires sacrifice. These boys learn to submit!
Stories where a guy is turned into a total slut
Humanity's greatest defenders brought to their knees (pun intended). Superheroes defeated has always been my biggest kink, and here's a list of some stories that I think represent the category. I put only one series per author so that I can showcase a variety of styles, so there are so many more heroes to defeat!
spells, cures, wizards magicians witches, magic, magic things
College males change for the worse.
Random guys who are chosen to become gay through magic or hypnosis, and their lives transformed forever
Sexy mind incest fuck
Anything related to the following: Rubber/latex, drones, muscle, hypnosis, & thongs/speedos/jockstraps.
Transformations that are passed down through cum or other bodily fluid infecting men in a viral way making them into muscle beasts who want to spread lust
gay pron stories in with the good guys still win
Story about superman as well
other Superhero
Story of Superman
Hot stories involving hypnosis done on multiple people in semi-public, sometimes with humiliation elements
Stories about reducing a man's most prized possession.
Stories about guys who turn into slobs or stoners or, if we’re lucky, both
My own little corner where rubber/ization plays a key role in the story, and is accompanied by hypno/mind control as well.
by KklKk
Mind control and black gear related hotness.