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Some of the most romantic stories in the 2nd half of 2021
Author Name Published
Guilherme’s roommate is tall, handsome and muscular, and he seems like the perfect guy - but he has a big secret that not everyone can really accept, not even he himself. After years hiding his “deformity” and months trying to suppress his feelings, a series of failed dates make him have an emotional breakdown, and he finally outs himself to Guilherme – who helps him open up in more ways than one.
The demon Razzor is used to fucking humans, then moving on. However, one human named Derek unexpectedly captures his attention for more than a one-night stand. How will Razz deal with his new infatuation?


Some of the hottest stories in the 2nd half of 2021
Author Name Published
Cody's having zero luck finding the perfect boyfriend on Tinder, and decides to increase the age range on the app.
Archie King is one of the best high school wrestlers in the state, alpha male, uber jock and all around stud. He thinks he is the top dawg...but a medical condition might put that to the test...

Mind Control

Some of the most hypnotic stories in the 2nd half of 2021
Author Name Published
This is a very strange tale about a man who collects something quite unnatural. Emphasis on the strange. decided to make it a multi part series
Matt Doyle is injured in the line of duty and has to see a physiotherapist for some highly personalized therapy

Wanking material

Some of the best wanking stories in the 2nd half of 2021
Author Name Published
Dylan's in too deep at JOCKSLUT CORP, a company that makes experimental products out of a wet dream. His latest invention can turn a man into the perfect muscle daddy, now all he needs is a test subject...
6981 words
An eager jock-to-be realizes there’s no way to bulk up quickly without consequence. If he’s not careful, he might find out exactly how a new super-effective mass gainer shake is made...
An English and History professor accompanies one of his student to meet two rugby celebrities. Using a device found on the deep web, he soon takes control of all of them to satisfy his wildest fantasies.


Some of the best written stories in the 2nd half of 2021
Author Name Published
Theo, a young model in the height of his career desparate seeks an escape from his work. Finding his way out in the most unexpected way.
Everyone's favorite fuzzy blue X-man wakes up naked in a mysterious candy store. It quickly becomes apparent the food there is having a rather effect on him.


Some of the most inventive stories in the 2nd half of 2021
Author Name Published
4449 words
A man uses a super computer to write more than mere programs.
Eros isn't exactly unhappy with his lot in life, to induce lust in humans at random, but Eris proposes a larger game that intrigues the capricious god. Imagine: the pure fun of chaos and lust working together...
Coran O'Dwyer's dad believes in leprechauns and leaves out a bowl of milk for the household sprite every night. When his dad is away, Coran forgets to leave out the bowl, and as a result is cursed to have an unquenchable thirst for milk--but the source of that milk is more surprising than Coran could ever have guessed.


Some of the best BDSM stories in the 2nd half of 2021
Author Name Published
Chris is undergoing his good boy-learning to be a good boy for his Daddy. I’ve decided to enlist some help from my latest robotic creation. Chris is in very capable
Everyone deserves a break, even a man who works only one day a year. But this might not be exactly the vacation he expected and it will leave him a changed man. (A late Christmas present to you all from MisterXIX and HunkLover!)
A dejected young man receives a special gift from an unexpected benefactor, but will the gift bring him what he desires, or misfortune and loss?
3194 words
Ben wanted to party and bought a ton of drugs on credit. But now the bill has come due. What price will the mysterious Mr. E extract from him?