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Author Title Published
It’s 2032, a decade after the Respect for Marriage Act passed and Conservative pundits bemoaned the race to the bottom of America’s morality. Only now it’s a literal race to catch a cock-hungry Bottom, proving just how right the Conservatives were.
In a dystopian world experiencing a fertility crisis, Cameron signs up for a challenge trial of a fertility drug. It's weird that he has to have a roommate while he lives on this military base for a year, and weirder still that Finn, his roommate, is a former convict. But Cpl. Bowen Hains, seems cool - even though he's a little too eager for them to participate in this drug trial.
The sheriff of Driscoll receives a dispatch call that something weird is going on at the local community college, Driscoll A&M which is suddenly wreathed in red smoke--a smoke that only men seem to be able to walk into. Determining to rescue whoever's inside, the sheriff runs in but he has no idea how the strange smoke will change his mind--and his body.
2733 words
Elijah drags himself to a fancy event for which he can barely remember registering. When he arrives, he's happy to make fast friends, though everyone seems in on some joke that just flies over his head every time.
Connor, a happy-go-lucky stoner, catches up with Ross, an stuffy high school friend, and helps him loosen up.
Freitagabend. Es klingelt an der Tür. Ben, der eine von Romeo kommt spontan vorbei. Was ich nicht weiß, er kann hypnotisieren.
18 Yr. old Max Fern has always been a bit of a tease when it comes to his sex life. Entering a "Pet" program, he finds that there's more than just putting on a costume and acting the part. It gets a bit more complicated when he finds that his handler starts to take an attraction to him. Watch as Max navigates the whole thing and if he returns his handler's affections for him.
Has no one ever told you how unpolite it is to annoy people at certain places?
1288 words
Tristian goes to a Demo, on the way home he is kidnapped and repurposed with a change of Attitude towards the Authorities