In Tykhe's Grasp

The Coins control the world. Genetically engineered to be perfect, holding all the cash and all the cards, they are as untouchable as the gods on Mount Olympus. A common way to get ahead is to become a Coin's human "pet" — sexual playthings that are used whenever and wherever the Owner pleases. Autolycus, a thief, catches the eye of Rhys, a Coin. After getting caught, he becomes Rhys's pet.
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The Sweetmeadow Twins connect with Jasper's old crew. Meanwhile, Rhys worries about Jasper's past. As Anthix reconnects with Rhys, Calix does his best to distract Marin with as much sex as they can handle.
A trip to the slums results in an awakening for Rhys about the realities of New Argent City's polluted river. After Rhys unveils a gift to his pet, the pair have a dangerous encounter with some neighbourhood toughs and an old colleague of Jasper's, who reveals his old alias. After the danger has passed, the pair have a sensual encounter in the car as they fly home to the Sky District.
Rhys and Jasper take tender, sexy care of each other while Jasper’s friends from the slums are desperate to rescue him, especially as new information comes to light. Rhys’s old friends wonder if something is amiss between him and his new pet.
At the Golden Lattice Ceremony, Jasper surprises everyone with his desires, including himself and his old friend Nova, who had no idea that this would happen when he took on this security gig. What is it with the Coins and their orgies, and what’s up with his friend?!
Rhys and Jasper finalize the new pet’s paperwork. During Jasper’s VR training, Rhys finds himself in a vulnerable position with Aristotle, who only wants what he thinks is best for his friend.
Rhys and Jasper join Aristotle and his pet for brunch, but there’s just as much going on underneath the surface as on top of it.
Rhys and Jasper explore each other’s bodies and boundaries a little.
Autolycus’ friends look for him. Meanwhile, Autolycus finishes up a few tests and continues to acclimate to his new life as Jasper.
Rhys and the Doctor proceed with virtual reality calibration, which Jasper comes to enjoy more than he thought he would.
Rhys brings his new pet to a clinic for a checkup before he can be registered as a pet.