Story Challenge

Halloween 2020

The first of hopefully many annual story challenges dedicated to Halloween! Let's give us all a look into your naughty fantasies around tricks and treats!
Besides the usual rules on this site, a story submitted for this challenge should: * Besides being hot, the story should be scary or funny and somehow be related to the Halloween season * For these challenges, the authors will remain visible! * You can submit more than one story if you want to! Also a whole series, if you so desire, but all episodes must be submitted within the time frame of the challenge. * This is for fun! I want to see a lot of hot, funny, scary, cum inducing Halloween stories!
Submission deadline: November 29, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
Final standings available!

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In an excluisve University in the middle of England, weird things start happening. Guys start wearing fewer clothes, the teachers become less strict and many other things. Good thing that Matt has managed to stay the same. (Inspired by Crazy Week)

Followup stories listed in random order!

When Byron finds a humiliating photo of himself that he cannot explain, he decides to reconnect with someone who claims to be an old friend...
Three college basketball teammates go to explore the old abandoned mansion in their hometown. What they find is far from what they expected.
It's Halloween night in Bakersville Indiana, and no one seems to be paying the man screaming bloody murder any mind at all.
Once upon a time, humans knew about the dog-headed men of the Island of Angamanain, but the modern world knows better... Or thinks it does.
A young man discovers his feelings for another man while at university during WWI. When tragedy strikes, he must come to terms with it. A sad, romantic ghost story set from 1915-17 and 1927.
With the Halloween blue moon hanging in the sky like a cauldron of curdled cream, a cornucopia of chaos cults create carnage through a cavalcade of creative curses, but in the middle of it all, Yuri the Fairy God Faggot is tasked with ensuring Dmitri’s party is absolutely banging.
Four friends make a trip up to a lake house for the Halloween holiday, when they encounter something sinister.