Story Challenge


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: **write a story themed around THE POWER OF NAMES!**  
True names, secret names. Nicknames, fake names, pet names. Contracts and binding names. “Don’t tell the fae your name.” Names to control you. Names to change you. The secret meaning of your name. “Your name is who you are… or is it?” A gambler accidentally trades away his true name at the slot machines. A man discovers his affectionate pet names for his husband are influencing him in more ways than one. An office worker gets pranked with a name badge reading “Richard Sucker”… and now the whole office is convinced he’s a total blowjob slut! A linguist attends a ‘naming convention’, and discovers that name-dropping can be dangerous when it’s literal…  
**The possibilities are endless. What's** ***your*** **story about THE POWER OF NAMES?**  
We'd love to see your own spin on the prompt! You're also very welcome to take inspiration from any of the ideas above, if they appeal to you.  
This story challenge crosses all three sites, meaning your story can be about mind control, BDSM, a romance, or any combination of options. Good luck, and have fun!
The following requirements are enacted for this challenge in addition to the usual site rules:  - The story must be clearly inspired by the challenge prompt.  - Authors of challenge stories are anonymized by the system, and not shown until the final results are up. This is to make voting more fair—and to keep up the suspense! - Authors can only submit one story to the challenge. - A single story with multiple chapters is okay to submit, so long as you upload the chapters during the time frame of the challenge. **However,** no additional chapters to your challenge story can be submitted after the challenge ends when we are in the three-week voting period. (Please note, additional chapters to your challenge story *can* to be submitted after the challenge is over, if you wish to continue your story later, but those chapters this will not affect the calculations of the final challenge results.)  
Challenge stories are ‘ranked’ based on a calculation combining their best 4 category ratings (aka, the badges) with how many unique Favorites they get. Voting for this particular challenge will continue for **three** weeks after the challenge concludes, at which point the Top 5 will be announced and all authors will be revealed. 
Submission deadline: July 24, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
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Rich is a cocky, hung asshole who thinks his dick is God’s gift to gay men. But Rich insisting all gay dudes are "size queens" doesn’t mean he’s right. Seamus and Quentin certainly aren’t. And it’s not like Rich repeatedly calling them size queens could transform them into cock-obsessed sluts eager to degrade themselves for a chance to service Rich’s big dick… right?
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For the ambitious witch, where is the glory, the art, the challenge in using magic to make men into sex puppets? Pieces of meat pulled by magical strings? No, magic is just a tool - sometimes carrot, sometimes stick - to mold men into their best uses. Well, I've just found the guy my dick thinks is the right first candidate. When I'm done with him, he won't need a lick of magic to serve.
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: 96
Shy, repressed Ian decides to indulge his fantasies for once and download Humblr, the hot new daily degradation app. Ian loves all the degrading, humiliating names it calls him but as time goes on they stop feeling so fantastical and start to feel like the truth.

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Miserable at his current department dealing with a tyrant Chief, Rookie cop Mark is recruited to join a secret underground Police Dept. With the help of specialized tech, All they have to do is name their perp and justice will be the most kinky ways imaginable!
Henry, indentured apprentice to a powerful wizard, tries his hand at summoning a demon. A POWERFUL demon. His greatest advantage lies in the power of the demon's true name, binding it to his will. The demon can only carry out the demands of their contract. Maybe everything will be okay,...?
Warner is the type of guy to sleep with anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, he's stuck with Darren Carmichael.
Overhearing a classmate receive a code word to get past the bouncer to the hottest new club, Pete may be able to end his dry streak. The problem is that it's not a word, it's a name and using it starts a deal that could change him body, mind and soul. At least sex is part of the bargain, but does he want to pay the price of becoming another thrall of Lust.
Had a few ideas, but not time. So, here’s a few short stories and if you like them, who knows where they'll go. Just Jack: A virgin might finally get his wish Hi-Jacked: A peaceful resolution is always preferable; Jacked: A skinny Twink wants to put on muscle mass; Jackhammer: Bigger is better; Jack-o-Lantern: A Halloween fantasy
Adrian noisy neighbour is getting on his last nerve. Will Daddy make them see that the two of them are Brothers in Arms?
In a post-apocalyptic world with a system, magic, and monsters, Tom has found a way to survive with his skills and Titles. But, will his latest and greatest Title give him the power to change from simply surviving, to thriving in this world that seems to be totally against him?
Freddy Fuckmehard doesn't want to be an Erotic Pensivist, even though all Fuckmehards are. Freddy gets the chance to change his future when he gets accepted to Pigacne Academy, but when Lord Whassisname is rumored to be inching toward resurrection, Freddy will have to rely on his new best friends, his wits, and the Fuckmehard legacy to survive his first semester.
A mortal comes to the land of Faerie with a challenge for the Seelie Court. Oberon himself blesses the game, but soon the Fae are wondering how much power they will give this human before they are able to defeat him. Help comes from an unlikely source and everyone gets what they want.
It's that night again: InGenLabs, the makers of incredible athletic wear, are coming to Mitch's school for the annual sponsors' dinner. But the team usually hosting the event is out of town. When Mitch and the boys swim team step up, they discover the suits have effects that go far beyond athletics.
After receiving a copy of a mysterious App, Tom can't wait to get home and try it out on his lazy Dad. He gets one absolute command, and he will have to be clever about it if he wants to see more of what it can offer. First order of business', play with dad and get to lvl 2.
Dylan is a con-man who lives off other people's money. Unfortunately when stealing someone's identity to use their cards their previous purchases can have a profound effect on a person
When a young man seems to regain the land lost by his father, the god who once loved his family now offers him a challenge. If he can endure and maintain his identity, then the power to claim the land shall be his right once more.
Evan's been thinking about leaving his RPG group, but their GM, Dylan, convinves him to play one more session of a special game, where players gain titles and roleplay accordingly, but is it really just roleplay? If it is, how is he roleplaying his cock hard?