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Lee is happy with the way things are. He has zero interest in moving in to some unheard of farm. After speaking to his best bro, he realises that his father has no power. Little does Lee know, his ‘assessment’ for BullCreek farms is waiting for him.
Chris was just another unfortunate boy to be hunted down by James. Hunted…stripped…and ready for collection
After coming back from a killer party, all Rick wanted to do was get home. He knew the dangers of hitchhiking. He knew there were some creepy drivers/truckers out on these roads, but he could himself. So when a cute, young ginger boy pulled up in his red rig, and offered Rick a ride, he wasn’t worried in the slightest. He completely underestimated Little Red. Big mistake.
Connor was the first to open his eyes…the first to realise his new life has now begun. From a free boy drinking at the bar to a squirming, naked, tied-up,, gagged, defenceless boy with no idea where he is or what he’s stumbled into.
Jack’s father has all but given up on on his son. Tired of Jack’s reckless behaviour and is just about ready to call it a day and walk away…if this last trick doesn’t work. Is Mr Smooth and his good boy sessions really as good as they claim to be?
Louis, having being told remarkably little, finds himself in a very twisted predicament. Power, control, any form of strength has been robbed from him. After being forced to show up to a mystery building, he soon meets Kyle who provides some disturbing insight to Louis’s future
They were in the process of abducting and securing s boy, and Tom couldn’t have been more mortified. He didn’t know if he had it in him, if he could or even wanted to become that type of person. Why did he let his partner drag him into this perverse, twisted mess? Can he really go through with this?
Clay felt like the most powerful man alive when he had the ball beneath his feet, however things take a drastic turn when he comes home from practice doing what a horny college boy does best.
Refuelling’s a bitch, especially when your already deep on the motorway. I need a battery. I need fuel and lots of it. I guess it’s time for me to make a little detour and make a quick trip on the slutway.
Daniel can’t help but stroke his dick one last time. He’s been denied for too long. He needs the sweet sensation of relief and whenever he meets up with his caging officer his frustration only get more unbearable.