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Author Title Total Words Published
Aaron, a normal college student in his freshman year, accidentally wanders into a cave near his college, and awakens Azman, the God of War of the God Tribe, who sacrificed himself years ago to save the world. This accident will bring Aaron's life into trouble, but will it be good or bad? Only time will tell.
Set 18 years after "The Emperor and I" and the "Prince and I", this story focuses on the youngest twin of Jae and Kai, Dylan, who tries to do his utmost to be a good crown prince, like his father wants, and balance that with the love for the boy that quite literally walked in to his life.
After being heartbroken by Marc, Austin thought it was impossible to find love again, until he meets Cole. Cole was just dumped by his boyfriend, and wants to forget him, but who could of thought that he would end up with.... a prince.
This story is about Kai Johnson and Emperor Jae Morningstar of the fictional country Imperial Cove, a micronation, within the United States that has gained recognition by the President of the United States as independent from the U.S. and a country in it's own right.
This story centers on Ryan Porter, who falls in love with his and secretly marries his boss, Senator Alexander Wells of Missouri, who is a closeted gay man. This story will chroniclize there love story