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Reality has never been my strong suit. I’ve always been much better at fiction. I briefly sojourned into reality after college before being expelled like a rejected coin from a vending machine. I have lived my best life as a rejected coin for the last year and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been. Moral of the story: why live with junk food when you can be a lucky penny? Now, I spend most of my time creating worlds in my head, laughing when I remember that Disney turned us all on (pun-intended) to hypnosis with the Jungle Book, and writing about the various ways men might humiliate themselves under hypnosis. I am a full-time writer trying to support myself so if you are so inclined, please hit me up for commissions and if you like what you read here, please let me know! I love reading the comments :)
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Hi all, My name is HappyTrance. You know - a totally normal, Christian, legal first name that any young man might have. I'm a young(-ish?) writer in the process of publishing my first novel. It's a completely different genre than what I write here, but it has led me to trying to make a living writing, which has always been my passion. I grew up reading the classic hypno-writers (hyptrance, wrestlr, mafisto etc) and am eager to be one myself! For the whole making-a-living-writing slash struggling-young-artist reason, I'm going to start offering commissions for anyone who's interested! I'll charge $3 per 100 words or $30 per 1,000 words for custom, fully-realized stories with all your favorite flavors of mind control and humiliation. :smiling_imp: I am happy to accommodate pretty much all kinks as long as there's mind control and nudity, so if you find you want a slightly different flavor of kink than I publish here, I am happy to listen and adapt my writing to your liking. If you have any interest, an idea, or want to brainstorm something with me, please reach out at happytrance28@gmail.com. :grinning:
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