Neon Demon

Hi all! I'm Neon Demon, or Neon for short. Part time writer and professional mess. Lurked around admiring GSS for years, but only got the courage to start posting recently. Currently working on Rubber and Capes, but might spread out if I feel comfortable. Used to long form stories, but might branch out to one-shots and smaller works the more I get used to it. I Prefer fantastical settings, superheroes, magic, technology things like that. Probably not the place for just porn, but I'm working on it. :sweat_smile: Away from the internet, I'm a UK based university student, D&D nerd, baker, pup, heavy reader. I'm always up for a chat and am chronically online, unfortunately. Looking into the idea of commissions but it's early days yet. Thanks for reading my stories and leave a comment if you can, its really awesome, and I'll try to respond when I have the chance! My discord is Insomniac#1332 if you want to chat! I'm pretty much always down for it.
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