I have a big cock. It's perfect and beautiful and I love that it is a huge disappointment now. I have PIED my dick into a half hard loser dick that in the off-chance it gets hard enough to fuck I cum nearly instantly or within 30 seconds. I have heard 'oh no!' and 'already?' so many times and been ashamed. I loved to bate it and show it off but guys always wanted more. Then some men started calling me faggot and saying my big dick was useless and I should cage it. I laughed. Then I tried it and holy fuck I'm so into it. I want to shrink my big dick. It's 8x5 now. Guys would kill to have it and I want to make it a small loser dick. I would love to find a Dom to guide me into shrinking in and then humiliate me for my small penis. Let's document it...hit me up.
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