Someone who reads most of the time and only writes sometimes. Still trying to balance a lot on my plate Hahaha I'd like to think that my writing has evolved in some ways, so some of my previous stories might not hold up that much compared to my much recent work. For starters, my first series here is [Early Present](https://www.gayspiralstories.com/series/show/59258) which is this good ol' fashioned story with college jocks. My longest, and probably the story with the most lore to it, so far, is [Love Injected](https://www.gayspiralstories.com/series/show/71033) Do keep in mind that I will edit some of my older work to make it more presentable in the new editing format. Also feel free to message me over at my twitter. I may not post that much but I pretty much lurk there all the time Writing Schedule: Unknown
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