**Yo! I'm Nacho!** I like to write about jocks being mind controlled/hypnotized, but I enjoy other tropes/stereotypes too! I'm also a kind of romantic guy. So, expect to see a lot of romance/lovenosis in my stories now and then ;). I *love* reading and writing stories with happy endings, or with wholesome/lighthearted plots, but I also enjoy a dark story from time to time. (Even if I don't have the stomach for them :p) My overall goal is make a big universe composed of my stories (It's going well so far!). If you're interesting in reading it from the beginning, I suggest [Pine's Football Jocks]( Started as a little distraction while at class, and ended up being one of my favorite cast of characters to write about, along with the sequels [Pine's College Jocks](, [Pine's College Jocks 2,]( and [Pine's Football Jocks (Rewritten).]( If you're looking for something less 'supernatural' and more on the line of classic hypnosis, you can take a look at [Gettin' The Farmers!]( for some good ol' hypno with the McPearson bruhs! My second favorite from the bunch though would be [Nate And Dave]( I love a good romance story every so often, and this one was really fun to write. Cheesy lines are my specialty! Feel free to contact me on Discord, I'm usually up for chatting! <3
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