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A mortal comes to the land of Faerie with a challenge for the Seelie Court. Oberon himself blesses the game, but soon the Fae are wondering how much power they will give this human before they are able to defeat him. Help comes from an unlikely source and everyone gets what they want.
The Coins control the world. Genetically engineered to be perfect, holding all the cash and all the cards, they are as untouchable as the gods on Mount Olympus. A common way to get ahead is to become a Coin's human "pet" — sexual playthings that are used whenever and wherever the Owner pleases. Autolycus, a thief, catches the eye of Rhys, a Coin. After getting caught, he becomes Rhys's pet.
Special Agent Finn Hardwick is called to investigate a strange event at a small airport near Seattle. He is more than used to dealing with the supernatural, but the men that he finds mindlessly masturbating and the circumstances surrounding their ordeal will test him. Will he, too, be found wanting and left wanking?
While restoring a book about a chaos demon, Holden is transformed into the entity's vessel through his dreams. Though he should resist, maybe being filled by the essence of a demon won't be so bad. Can he use the book and a long-lost cure-all to outmaneuver everyone and still get fucked?
Photojournalist Max had no idea that becoming a Magical Boy would make him so needy. It's a good thing that his buddy Araci is more than willing to help him out as he discovers his new powers and urges.
Roman was used to being the Top Dog, but then he meets Quinn, a Head Chef. When Roman starts exploring his kinky side with Quinn through hypnosis, he discovers something unexpected about himself that both turns him on and challenges his worldview while pressing on some difficult questions about what it means to be a man.
After their last encounter with the Fae, Fairchilde and Chance are seeking a remedy for Chance's ungovernable need. Three Wild-Eyed Boys ride into town on their big motorcycles, just like they do every summer. The standalone sequel to Wild Pansies in the Fae Court!
Eamon accepts a dare to enter the Morphée Hill Manor House and steal something, but the Manor's owner is at home for the first time in thirteen years.
Bored with his string of human lovers, Coiirei is an Incubus who finds himself intrigued by the one mortal who rejects his advances.