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As the Pythian Games descend upon New Argent City, Aristotle juggles his duties as the host of the games with welcoming one of his pets home after a mysterious medical stay. Meanwhile, Jasper’s friends use the chaos to enact the next step of their plan to free him. With everyone making their plays, things have to come to a head somehow.
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'Lustcraft' has a multi-tiered sex toy subscription service but the highest level subscribers always want something fresh. Join the lead designer in crafting a new, high-calibre toy for the catalogue. You.
While restoring a book about a chaos demon, Holden is transformed into the entity's vessel through his dreams. Though he should resist, maybe being filled by the essence of a demon won't be so bad. Can he use the book and a long-lost cure-all to outmaneuver everyone and still get fucked?
Rhys and Jasper enjoy each other before going to meet with old friends, including some of Jasper's that turn up unexpectedly.
The Sweetmeadow Twins connect with Jasper's old crew. Meanwhile, Rhys worries about Jasper's past. As Anthix reconnects with Rhys, Calix does his best to distract Marin with as much sex as they can handle.
Photojournalist Max had no idea that becoming a Magical Boy would make him so needy. It's a good thing that his buddy Araci is more than willing to help him out as he discovers his new powers and urges.
A trip to the slums results in an awakening for Rhys about the realities of New Argent City's polluted river. After Rhys unveils a gift to his pet, the pair have a dangerous encounter with some neighbourhood toughs and an old colleague of Jasper's, who reveals his old alias. After the danger has passed, the pair have a sensual encounter in the car as they fly home to the Sky District.
Roman was used to being the Top Dog, but then he meets Quinn, a Head Chef. When Roman starts exploring his kinky side with Quinn through hypnosis, he discovers something unexpected about himself that both turns him on and challenges his worldview while pressing on some difficult questions about what it means to be a man.
Rhys and Jasper take tender, sexy care of each other while Jasper’s friends from the slums are desperate to rescue him, especially as new information comes to light. Rhys’s old friends wonder if something is amiss between him and his new pet.
At the Golden Lattice Ceremony, Jasper surprises everyone with his desires, including himself and his old friend Nova, who had no idea that this would happen when he took on this security gig. What is it with the Coins and their orgies, and what’s up with his friend?!